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【Double 11 Sale】The Selected 8 Watch Sets Cost Approximate RM 350. Get Them as Christmas Gift for Exchanging!

To celebrate the coming of November. THEODORA’S has released eight limited-edition watch sets!

The eight watch sets made their debut this time. On this sale, you buy a watch and get a watch strap. Besides, there are multiple colors of watch straps to choose from. It’s better off that you can get them ASAP. After all, there are all limited-edition sets at a stealing price. Before they are sold out, you might want to put them into a cart. Otherwise, you may regret not getting them while you can.

Next, I will briefly show you three unmissable watch sets, which are  RM 350 approximately. There are really great bargains only once a year. I may suggest you buy Christmas gifts together.


First watch set: Poseidon dark blue date display watch-black Milanese straps

The first one must be the Poseidon dark blue watch set. As a multifunctional watch at a high price, THEODORA’S rolled out a good bargain for this promotion. As you buy one watch, you get a watch strap. That means that you obtain more things at a lower price. So, that’s why the Poseidon dark blue watch sets top the rank on this list. Don’t miss them or you will regret it.

The second one is the Zeus black independent second watch set. It only costs RM 341 to obtain this exquisitely-designed watch also equipped with date display function. The price is much lower than the original one. As a black addict, don’t miss such a fashionable item.

What’s more, these black watches suit both boys and girls. Thus, the watch sets are considered to be great gifts, or you can get one for yourself.


Third watch set: Hera wine red classic watch set-wine red leather straps

The last watch set is the Hera classic watch set, which is the favored series. The essential, graceful style fits its wearer the most easily. It’s suitable to give a girl that you want to date. It is suggested that the extra strap match the Hera wine red watch. So, it will efficiently strengthen your attraction. If you have to prepare gifts for someone, this watch set that looks glam and chic keeps the cost down. Also, the price lower than RM 300 is the main reason that many fans are crazy about the Hera wine red watch set.

As long as you purchase the watch sets on THEODORA’S website, the watch sets all come with a gift bag. So, don’t worry about packing. Also, THEODORA’S provides each customer free return within 15 days and a one-year warranty for each order. We promise our customers the most consummate after-sales service.

To sum up, you can pick up these watch sets on the official website. Once they are sold out, they are no longer available. You can get a  gift for every $160 spent on our website.

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