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【Recommended Watches】Top Picks for Black Friday! 5 Timeless Black Watches Must-Have for You!

Black Friday is coming soon. It’s high time to get yourself an understated fashionable black accessory, following this “black trend.”

In THEODORA’S, you can find many classic black watches. Black watches of each series have their features. Whether for daily life or special occasions, black suits clothes of any color, becoming a trendy element that never steals one’s thunder. With black, you showcase a distinctive taste. "It is the sheer, classic, and timeless spirit to make it on the top of the rank."

Besides, all the watches of THEODORA’S are equipped with quick-release straps. What’s more, there are various straps made of distinct materials. Anytime, you can mix these straps to get numerous styles.  

Next, I listed the top 5 black watches that sell like hot cakes. Let’s explore the infinity beauty in the country of black.


Recommended: Hera Black Dial-Black Milanese Strap

Here comes the most classic one. The top three of each month always include the Hera black watch. Its minimalist black dial is black from its surface to its case. Furthermore, this black watch fits your hand so you won’t feel uncomfortable when wearing it. Indeed, since the black watch suits any skin tone, most of THEODORA’S fans recommend this watch as the first watch to you.

As long as you use the mini tool that THEODORA’S has put in the boxes, you can adjust the straps to accommodate your wrist easily. The style of the Hera black dial with black Milanese straps fits both men and women. Girls who wear this watch emphasize personal features; boys who wear this watch looks neat and stylish.

The Hera black dial that combines with black genuine leather straps is also another favored one. The warm texture of genuine leather covers your wrist so well due to its softness, increasing a touch of beauty.

The simple is the classic, which also passes the exam of time.

To presents distinctive you, choose this Hera minimalist black. The understatedly classic is for you.(Link)


Recommended: Apollo Black Dial-Black Milanese Strap

The Apollo black watch with black Milanese straps has a gleaming rose gold case and watch hands, plus functions of chronographs. Bright and noble, this watch not only owns grandeur appearance and practical functions.

While wearing it, you will look like a well-experienced person. Either formal or casual, this great watch suits any gender.


Recommended: Apollo Black Dial-Black Crazy Horse Strap

Leisure and natural crazy horse leather straps display another style. The design of the crazy horse leather straps will make the watch visually tenable. 

Embossed watch dials mingle black with a touch of delicacy. The meticulous Roman numeral hour-markers, rose gold watch hand, and rose gold case of this watch sparkle, letting black radiate elegance.

The Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto has said, “Black is the end of every color.” After trying any trendy colors, Mr. Yohji still came back to his favorite color, black. Wearing black not only turns you into a more distinct person but also a more captivating one. Each black watch exhibits its style by having different combinations.

From the past, black always emphasizes itself in an unobtrusive, unique way. Now, let’s put on a black watch to match your exclusive classic style.


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