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【Selection on Live】Fans Shared Their Affection with Us! These Five Pairs of Watches Reveal Your Love Feeling with You.

As Valentine’s Day is coming, those who haven’t decided what to prepare can follow netizens’ steps to have a good kick off with a pair of mesmerizing watches. It’s an opportunity to hold her hand and reveal your feeling.

The first watch series: Apollo chronograph series

The Apollo chronograph series, which owns a captivating appearance, is fans’ favorite, especially the pairs of wine-reds and bluish-greens. Both the colors go so well. After you wear them, we promise your Valentine’s Day will be so sweet. (Link)

The second watch series: Hera classic series 

The minimalist style is the sincerest. The Hera series, which is timeless and eye-catching, is favored by many customers. One of the reasons is the budget-friendly prices. You don’t need to get your wallet withered to prepare a surprise. Furthermore, all gift sets come with an exquisite carry bag, plus free returns within 15 days and a 1-year warranty. It is so easy to keep your love forever. (Link)

The third watch series: Zeus small second series

The small second series extracts a sense of fashion from complex elements. Both men and women can handle this series. This Valentine’s Day, you would succeed in catching your girlfriend’s heart with this couple watch set. (Link)

Let's take a look at what are inside this gift box!

The fourth watch series: Tethys ripple series

Simple and meticulous patterns of water ripples are embossed on watch dials. The faint beauty suits the couples who own a thoughtful mind. At a romantic festival, you two put on a pair of the Tethys ripple watches so that you are in sync every minute and second. (Link)

The fifth watch series: self-pairing style

Besides ready-made watch gift sets, the masses also select different watches to pair, according to one’s preferences. No matter which style you prefer, such as the same watch series, the same color, or the same size, it’s the only style that belongs to you. To show your unique love, Valentine’s Day is a good chance to give your lover a gift.