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Five Gray-Strap Watches, Too Enticing to be True, Let Others Fall in Love with You Inadvertently.

Now, here comes the most timeless gray!

Such this gray exactly captivates one’s heart. Clean and cozy, the natural breath suits spring and summer outfits for not being too thick; besides, the gray doesn’t steal autumn and winter outfits’ thunder. Above all, you don’t get tired of this gray soon, since it is a cozy color tone. Therefore, I have selected five watches for you, to match neat and trim outfits which catch one’s eyes in less than seconds.

Recommended one: The Hera classic series

Hera eggshell white-gray leather strap
Hera silvery white-gray leather strap

A real fascination neat to the core is a minimalist watch paired with light gray straps. This watch spreads refreshing breath inside out. With breeze touching your face, under a clear sky, you wear this lovely watch becomes an intoxicating scene.

The left watch is eggshell white; the right one is silvery white. The main difference between them is they have a distinct gloss of dial. Still, both present a neat style.

If pairing a light gray leather bracelet, you will add another exquisite layer to emphasize your outfit. No one can resist this match.

The Hera classic series, known for its minimalist style that anyone can handle, is at a budget-friendly price. One doesn’t cost you more than RM 270. Moreover, every watch is guaranteed free returns within 15 days and a 1-year warranty. (Shop now)


Recommended two: The Apollo chronograph series

Apollo white-gray leather strap

The Apollo chronograph series looks also amiable to be paired with light gray straps. Audiences besides you have their eyes glued on you unconsciously.

If you follow the steps above, now you will have a stellar appearance, radiating sheer charisma of wisdom.

In spring and summer, it’s suitable to have a unisex color tone, gray. Without any extra colors, you will be more approachable. Even when I saw this watch, my heart was taken by this watch. I sincerely recommend this watch to you. (Shop now)


Recommended three: The solar powered watch series

Aurora white-gray leather strap
Mercury white-gray leather strap

The solar powered series paired with gray straps is an irreplaceable view under sunlight.

A refined gray-white watch paired with light gray straps matches so well as one lie in soft clouds. It’s so cozy that everyone appreciates this watch and almost forgets to breathe.

When under sunshine, you must take this solar-powered watch, which captivates one’s soul. No matter how you take pictures of this watch, it can’t be more elegant.

As for solar-powered chronographs, after matching gray straps, the gray softens the tone of the whole watch, making it serene and still tender.

Gray infuses a pastel color tone to this watch, matching with a light gray bracelet, Silently appeals to the masses’ sights. You don’t always need dazzling outfits to present yourself. 

Anywhere light is, the solar-powered series recharge; thus you don’t need to change batteries periodically.

(When fully recharged, the Aurora series lasts six months in the dark, and the Mercury series lasts four months in the dark.)

To taste the intoxicating attraction of gray, let’s start with a gray accessory.