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Women’s Long Wallets Upgraded to Ver. 2.0 Now. Milk Tea & English Green Made Their Debut!

Long wallets of THEODORA’S upgraded to ver.2.0 and came in new colors this time. After bi-fold wallets were sold out, long wallets also took this chance and came in new colors this year, made of more advanced leather. You will get addicted to it after touching it.


The first wallet: Milk tea

Finally, long wallets of THEODORA’S came in milk tea. They are milk tea inside out. The texture of meticulous leather accentuates its cozy quality. Showcasing its chic look and practicality, these soft and smooth wallets allure you.

This long wallet holds ten cards, providing you with spacious capacity. Also, there are hidden receipt slots on both sides. The design helps you sort your tickets clearly, such as movie tickets, receipts, coupons, etc. Its deep cash section makes sure that bills of every country fit the cash section. When receiving bills, you can put bills and receipts into this wallet.

Moreover, its roomy coin pocket keeps this wallet flat, ensuring it never bulges and can fit your purses. 

If you are worried that long wallets are oversized for your purses, wallets of THEODORA'S  solve this problem for you.

Compared to wallets of foreign brands, Wallets of THEODORA’S are more affordable, costing less than RM 300. Still, their quality beat wallets of brands in department stores. You could have them at reasonable prices, which look chic on your hand due to the proper size.


The second wallet: Classic brown

Brown fitting any styles highlight the primary texture of leather.

Paired with multiple sections, the classic brown wallets are your best pick since it goes elegantly with any outfit on any occasion.

If you find it’s exhausting to make the very choice, this classic brown wallet was born for you.


The third wallet: England green

A shade of green keeps this wallet sophisticated, radiating an extraordinary grace of England. An unobtrusive aesthetic makes people unable to stop the eagerness to buy one.

No matter which wallet you select, they all get packed in exclusive gift boxes and come with gift bags. If you buy it as a gift, it would be more convenient for you.

Packed in a matte box, showcasing a noble glamour, these wallets only remind customers of one thing: We hope everyone feels the most heavenly meaning of THEODORA’S: Gifts from Heaven come for the most radiant you.

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