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【Unboxing】 THEODORA’S, the Watch Brand, Crafts Watches Enticing that You Never Take Off.

THEODORA’S, symbolizing the gift from Heaven, crafts affordable watch so enticing that you never take off. Today, I will unbox their solar-powered watch. As for myself, watches are indispensable adornments that elevate my outfits.

In addition, watches keep me on time in daily life, as necessary tools. How about you? I bet you seek a chic and practical watch no matter what your needs are. After all, you clicked on this article on watches. 

Let’s move to watches nowadays. Modern watches evolved to more exquisite levels. Each watch brand innovated their watches’ features from appearances to functions. However, there are not many brands that can’t focus on appearances and functions at the same time, but still manage prices into an affordable range. 

Recently, I browsed watches on the internet, yet haven’t noticed any watch that seized my sight, even though countless watches were listed. Not until I find THEODORA’S, did I lose in the sea of unsuitable watches. 

THEODORA’S has put endless effort into designing their watches. If you also seek quality watches, you find them here at around USD70. However, the watch I am going to unbox today is one of the Mercury Collection, which is a classy solar-powered chronograph.

Its package is a black, elegant gift box. Such a package never fails you, if you gift this watch as a gift to someone.

This Mercury solar-powered bracelet chronograph was composed of a bluish green dial and a pair of bracelet straps. In my opinion, I would say its colors are closer to dark blue rather than bluish green. Still, this watch’s style suits both boys and girls.

Moreover, this watch was oversized, which was at 42mm. You might feel its weight heavier than other watches, especially for its stainless steel bracelets.

Next, we were going to its machine parts. This watch was equipped with a mineral crystal and Japanese quartz movement, being water-resistant.

Finishing the machine part, let’s see the functions of this Mercury solar-powered watch. As you see this dial, there are three subdials on it. The upper one is a 24-hour indicator, the lower one is a second indicator that is also a battery indicator, and the left one is a minute indicator. Also, this watch has a date-displaying window.

Above all, the main function is solar-powered recharging. This advantage lies in that you don’t need to change its battery periodically. Due to its advanced technology, any light recharges this watch, either sunlight or indoor light. You don’t need to worry if the light is too dim. No matter how dim the light is, this watch recharge.

If you ask me how this watch work in darkness, I would say the Mercury solar-powered watch can last for four months in darkness, as long as its charging status is fully recharged. 

Moreover, you don’t need to trim its watch bands, since they are adjustable to fit your wrist.

Also, you replace this pair of watch bands with others if you want to try distinct styles. 

In the extra-purchasing area, the website will recommend watch bands that suit this watch to you.

Now, we came to the part of the after-sale service. After you receive your order, it should come with a serial number of a warranty. I hope everyone inputs these serial numbers within seven days, which starts from the day you receive your order. Otherwise, the warranty of products would be invalid. You can never be too careful about such a thing. The warranty of products is one year long.

In this picture, you’ll see the page that you input the serial number of the warranty. Don’t forget to register before input your serial number. After finishing the register, let’s take a look at tools for adjustment and maintenance. The first one is a piece of silver polishing cloth. I’ll take it to wipe your watch crystal. 

Inside the watch box, you find a mini tool for adjusting your watch bands.

The most thoughtful point is you don’t need to seek a carry bag, as your watch has already come with one. This idea is practical especially when you need to give your friends a gift. A gift packed in a carry bag looks glorious when you are carrying it.

When my mom saw this oversized watch, she was shocked at how large it is and mentioned no girl would wear such a sizeable watch. 

However, I took an opposite thought and reply to her, even though my wrists are slim, compared to girls’. Maybe, due to the colors that radiate mildness, this watch suits me more than I suppose that it did. I can’t find any word to express how much I love this watch. (๑ºั╰╯ºั๑)

As the picture has shown, I wore a floral top, but a Mercury solar-powered watch graces my whole outfit immediately. Generally speaking, even you wear a plain T-shirt and jeans, this Mercury solar-powered watch won’t look incompatible with your outfit.
On the other hand, if your wear a suit jacket or a dress, this watch also elevates your elegance.

In the end, I highly suggested this solar-powered watch to you, which recharges itself with any light. If you want to give it to someone as a gift, I believe the recipient would love it, too. ❤ Furthermore, you get an exclusive gift if spending more than RM700. (๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ)

Credit: Liz

THEODORA'S' official website: Shop now

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