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Do You Get Tired of Couple Shirts? Let’s Try These Ten Pairs of Meaningful Couple Bracelets!

Apart from couple wear, dainty bracelets connect your souls. While you travel somewhere hand in hand, a pair of bracelets reflect with your love and strengthen your bonding. In the following paragraphs, I have listed current hits on our official website so that you pick one to match your outfits and keep your affection glowing.

The first pair: Naiad bangles

In a timeless style, simple but undying as love, the Naiad bangles abandon all redundant adornments to glow more breathtakingly. Made of 316L stainless steel, coming in rose gold for women and black for men, the purest is the Naiad bangles. (Women’s / Men’s)

The second pair: Naiad cuff bracelet


The Naiad cuff bracelets go the same path as the Naiad bangle, in a neat style. Thus, The Naiad cuff bracelets match any watch smoothly. Their impeccable aesthetics shine as your souls do, simply but endlessly. (Women’s / Men’s)

The third pair: Oread infinity magnetic leather bracelets


With leather cords pairing a rare symbol of infinity, the Oread infinity magnetic leather bracelets symbolize that your love exists everywhere and has no end. (Women’s / Men’s)

The fourth pair: Oread braided leather bracelets


Braided with genuine leather, coming in a quality color paring, the Oread braided leather bracelets blend your love story with impeccable delicacy. Your daily life stays memorable because of the bonding on your wrists. (Women’s / Men’s)

The fifth pair: Oread dual color leather bracelets-blue & black


With blue and black being intertwined the coziest colors, the Oread dual color leather bracelets would provide you ideal wearing experience due to their material. From this pair of bracelets, you might hold each other’s hands and feel the temperatures of the palms. (Women’s / Men’s)

The sixth pair: Oread dual color leather bracelets-brown & black


Same as the previous style, this pair of Oread dual color leather bracelets comes in brown and black. These colors highlight the texture of leather. An all-match style would spice up your daily life. (Women’s / Men’s)

The seventh pair: Nereid cord bracelets


Once owning a pair of Nereid cord bracelets, you should create tenacious and unwavering love. Whereas the steady body of cords holds your wrists firmly, the Nereid cord bracelets secure your love solidly. You are worth these neat talismans of love. (Women’s / Men’s)

The eighth pair: Chloris flower of life bracelets-hope & strength


This pair of the Chloris flower of life bracelets showcases the tenacity of its structure. These bracelets are paired with exclusive totem pendants. As for the pendants of this pair, there are “hope” and “strength.” The purpose is that you bring endless hope and strength to each other. (Women’s / Men’s)

The ninth pair: Oread dual layered leather bracelets


Glowing with an exclusive design of its layered structure, this pair of the Oread dual layered leather bracelets in red and black, which highlight the colors and look trendy. Furthermore, two is a number that symbolizes happiness. The Fortune of both persons must be displayed on your wrist. (Women’s / Men’s)

The tenth pair: Stainless steel word carved Bracelets


The stainless steel word carved bracelets carry blessings that come from Adam and Eva. Whether you are an unmarried couple or married one, you can wear these bracelets to appreciate each other’s company and let the happiness last ever. (Women’s / Men’s)

Besides, these bracelets compose the other sets of parent-child ones. Contrasted with the couple sets, the parent-child sets have one more bracelet for babies. So, your whole family wears the same bracelet, which is especially heart-warming. If you are interested in them, please click here: 【Angel gift set-Nereid stainless steel bracelets

All ten pairs of featured bracelets have been mentioned above. Each pair features its own meanings and symbolizes happiness. If you still feel confused about picking an anniversary gift, come to THEODORA’S to get a pair of couple bracelets. Therefore, you encircle yourselves with love and walk down to the path of joy.


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