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【Travel Plan】 Let’s Wear Watches of THEODORA’S to Travel Across the Border of Summer and Autumn!

THEODORA’S is a watch brand from Taiwan. Their name, THEODORA’S, was originated from Greek, which meant a gift from heaven. THEODORA’S is devoted to designing and developing watches and accessories. Recently, everyone has been locked down for a long white. THEODORA’S understands how eager everyone is to go outdoors. Therefore, they chose some featured watches suitable for outdoor outfits. So, everyone might wear them to some tourist attractions for a trip. 

Still, don’t forget the rules of pandemic prevention. Stay safe, stay healthy. Since everyone stayed at home, I believe most of you have made travel plans. Maybe you will wander in a park with wind flowing in it or sit on a bench to gaze at the blue sky and white clouds. That’s a splendid way to collect all the romance and enticement of summer.

Then, you will enjoy afternoon tea time in a coffee shop nearby, having a cup of hot Caffe and latte to soothe your exhausted minds. Once you wear a watch, it will bring another atmosphere and keep all precious moments.

To find a good "partner" of traveling, I chose a Mercury solar-powered watch, which paired with sophisticated milk tea straps made of crazy horse leather. Crazy horse leather won't get processed for leather. Our craftsmen dye the leather directly. Each piece of brown leather owns various natural figures. Thus, each watch is a unique existence. Every detail perfectly showcases how exquisite this watch is, elevating my trip.

Mercury solar-powered white chronograph-milk tea crazy horse leather straps
▽   The diameter of its watch case is 42mm, fitting people whose hands are slimmer. 
▽   Its watch case is made of 304 stainless steel, and its crystal is a mineral crystal.
▽   It takes a Japanese watch movement. 
▽   The milk tea straps are limited-edition.

This watch is a solar-powered one. Through solar-powered technology, it can recharge with any resource of light. You don’t need to change its battery periodically. That’s its most advantaged feature.

This watch has a built-in stopwatch function, which helps you time something in seconds or minutes. Furthermore, the date window and battery indicator on this watch keep your daily life more convenient. To pair this watch with your outfit, I would recommend a suit jacket and a purse in an almond tone. Then, wear an understated brown top. Now, a pair of milk tea crazy horse leather straps will light up your outfit. One tone style blends all elements in a harmonious and cozy way. 

If a watch owns high practicality, that increases the level of how exquisite your outfits would be. As you wear it, you radiate your extraordinary attraction and elegance.

In these days linking the end of summer and the beginner of autumn, select a meaningful gift for yourself. This watch will catch your memories that flow in every second.