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“Use Your Talent, Love Your Work.” The Interview of Yvonne, a Free Artist.

Before having an interview with Yvonne, I, the author, was her fans alike, always praising Yvonne’s ethereal grace on her Instagram, sighing to myself, saying “that’s how an artist is.” Owning long, flowing hair, Yvonne would be regarded as one of the representatives of slash workers. She is a free artist, an art teacher, a key opinion leader, etc. Her distinctive personalities attract an enormous number of fans.

All Yvonne’s posts on Instagram, either for business or for daily, emanate a confident but cold impression. Thus, I thought that Yvonne might be hard to get close before this interview. Nevertheless, after I interviewed Yvonne, her talks reversed my prejudice. Though being a youth, Yvonne mentioned her distinctive perspectives from her occupation to her interests, inspiring me significantly. 


When it comes to the rarest bliss, Yvonne believes it is combining your work with your interest.

Following Yvonne’s belief, I wondered how she has decided to be a free artist early. Some graduates at the same age as Yvonne still be confused about their career lives, not even confirming how their futures go. 

Yvonne told me that she was gifted with and keen on drawing when she was a kid. Her uncle also has discovered her talent since she studied elementary school. Thus, Yvonne’s trip as an artist started. From elementary school to senior high school, Yvonne succeeded in passing examinations to enter art classes. Above all, Yvonne always thinks that turning her interest into work is the most precious experience that she has ever had. After all, everyone has the same 24 hours a day. It’s envious to spend time on things you love.

Breaking the stereotypes, Yvonne walks her path of teaching.

Even though Yvonne’s family supported her decision, she sometimes got affected by the frame of this society, considering “steady occupations” seem better. However, in Yvonne’s perspective, if you are persevered to study in any field not valued, your efforts will sparkle one day. Yvonne took esports as an example. Someone thinks playing video games harms kids’ learning. Still, if a kid practices until becoming a world player. No one will ignore the kid’s efforts and stop him from success in a field not valued before. “In the information-explosion age, it’s not hard to find a stage.”, said Yvonne. 

Next, Yvonne talked about how she put her belief into practice. Yvonne once filled in for her friend as an art teacher. That was the starting point that Yvonne turned her interest into her work. “As a teacher, age is a restriction. Most parents think I am too young and my thoughts seem too innovative. So, they will be suspicious of my ability and tend to find some experienced teachers.”, said Yvonne.

From Yvonne’s perspective, someone would try to prove themselves when being doubted and looking for recognition. Opposite to the idea, Yvonne just let everything go naturally, just as she didn’t always play symphonies or light music to cultivate students’ artist spirits.

‘At class, I will ask my students what kinds of music they prefer. Whichever music is fine, from pop songs to animation songs. If their choices won’t bring negative effects to their art, why not? As for adult students, I will tell them, “Do you drive or ride to my class? If you don’t, I open a bottle of wine for you.” A tipsy status is a brilliant switch to explore yourself.’, Yvonne described. Under her unique teaching mode, more and more students recognize her method. 

An exact accessory enthusiast: Watches are must-have accessories.

On others’ impressions, Yvonne is an influencer, a free artist, and an art teacher, showing she is a slash worker. Still, she humbly expressed she doesn’t take herself as an influencer. All she did was only sharing her plain daily life. As she mentioned how to distribute time to her daily routines, Yvonne said as an artist and an educator, sharp time management is helpful to stimulate more ideas for life. “All beauty comes from observation of details. Accessories are the ways I adorn my daily life.”

Yvonne also said, “even you can handle a tight schedule, you still need some time to relieve stress.” In a fast-paced life, watches are unmissable, Yvonne said. She considered watches to be a vital role as decorations of wrists. If Yvonne finds she forgot to wear a watch, she will turn back home to wear one. 

Furthermore, Yvonne mentioned that wearing watches must correspond to your outfits. Thus, the best choices would be low-key, classic watches. However, watches still need to have features. Result of this belief, Yvonne chose a Diana octagon watch this time. Compared to other watches, the shape of the octagon breaks the frame. As for girls not so girly, like Yvonne, the bracelets of this watch keep your style more sophisticated, cultivating an image of independent women for you.

This Apollo watch is another one that never ruins your outfits. The design of chronographs has day, date, and 24-hour indicators. For the whole part, it is a nice touch to adorn your style. For either formal or casual outfits, this Apollo watch is suitable.

To conclude, through this interview, I found that Yvonne not just regarded drawing as an occupation but internalized it as an indispensable part of her life, because of her perseverance, which was as natural as the reason that oxygen exists. Believe your choices and keep going on the patch you chose. You will emanate your unique charisma like Yvonne and THEODORA’S.