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We have Listed the Top 5 of Influencers’ Recommended Watches for You!

In recent months, I believe most have stayed at home, anxious extremely. However, based on following the regulations of pandemic prevention, you may visit coffee shops, parks or suburbs, to take some breathtaking pictures and ease your long-suppressed mood.

Spending your afternoon in a coffee shop leisurely, chatting with your friends, reading books, or watch dramas, you switch the mood by doing the same things, yet in various places.

A quality bluish green dial, paired with black mesh bands, features practicality in a chronographic style. Due to its unisex style, this watch is suitable as a gift for your boyfriend, without ruining your efforts. 

Recommended watch: Apollo bluish green-black mesh band

But if you are confused about how to pair watches with your outfits, choosing both in the same color tone is a safe way. As this Mercury white paired with milk tea crazy horse leather straps did, this watch made the outfit minimalist, understated, but fancy. The texture of crazy horse leather added features to the outfit. This watch was born for milk tea color addicts.

Recommended watch: Mercury white-milk tea crazy horse leather strap

As you follow the regulations of pandemic prevention, it’s relaxing to wander in a suburb, immerse yourself in nature, and absorb phytoncide. This Apollo petite skin pink, paired with rose gold mesh bands, will make whoever notices it covet. Its smaller dial fits girls whose arms are much slimmer than usual. Also, rose gold mesh bands add a nice touch to the outfit’s style due to its all-fitting style.

Recommended watch: Apollo petite skin pink-rose gold mesh band

Are you anxious about nothing to post on Instagram? Even parks near your home are a decent location to take fancy pictures. Paired with dark green genuine leather straps, the longer you look at a Mercury chronograph, the more fascinating it becomes.  Here we also applied the concept of pairing watches and outfits in the same color tone. Moreover, this watch also played a vital role in brightening this outfit, with its white dial. This way is ingenious to pair your outfits with watches.

Recommended watch: Mercury white-dark green genuine leather strap

This watch helps you to be a chic lady. However you pose, you look like a model. As a chic lady, not only the petite version of the Apollo collection is worth your attention. So is the classic Hera collection. In a minimalist style, combined with rose gold mesh bands, the two watches grace your outfits of skirts or pants.

Recommended watches: Apollo petite bluish green-black mesh bands, Hera petite skin pink watch-rose gold mesh band