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【Tutorial】Must Bookmark! This Guide Teach You How to Select Watches Step by Step.

Watches of Theodora’s are enormous. How to select a suitable watch is an issue. We have prepared some tips to ensure most readers pick their exclusive watches.

The FAQs would be:

Q1: Why do you still wear watches in recent years?
As retro styles slowly get back in fashion, the masses relatively increase the demands of watches day by day. On the other hand, they pay more attention to daily life, so people focus on a sense of ritual deeper. Thus, watches become accessories to embellish daily outfits. Besides, traditional watches don’t need to get recharged often, emanating a sense of chic and minimalist fashion.

Q2. How to select colors of watches?
Apart from choosing your preferred colors of watches, which become accessories for outfits, the key is to go with any style, since a good watch never steals the wearer’s thunder. On the contrary, this watch should fit in the wearer’s outfit and emphasize’ the wearer’s grace.

At the aspect of pairing, there is not any color more classic than black, dark blue, etc., such as understated ones. However, metallic colors have been in trend in recent years, like rose gold.

Apollo petite matte black-mesh black (link)
Minimalist and serene, this all-black watch suiting men, equipped with subdials, grace whoever wears it.

Hera skin pink-rose gold mesh band (link)
Elegant and graceful, both its dial and straps in rose gold not only keep your skin tone fairer and elevate your outfits.

Hera eggshell white-orange brown leather (link)
Mild and chic, classic brown straps and an essential white dial, add a touch of gentleness to your style.

Q3: How to choose materials for straps?

#Genuine leather straps
Soft and comfortable, genuine leather straps display an understated and tranquil style.

Hera eggshell white-dark brown leather (link)

Genuine leather straps radiate an unobtrusive and tranquil feeling. Moreover, leather products own a cozy texture that other materials can’t replace.

#Steel bracelets
Sturdy and durable, steel bracelets present a unique, stylish style.

Mercury solar-powered matte black-black bracelet (link)

Steel bracelets always present a mature feeling, still with relatively-long shelf life. Also, because of their durability, they won’t get smashed or damaged, if falling on the ground or contacting water.

#Mesh bands
Going with any style, mesh bands seems like a blend of leather and metal.

Apollo bluish green-black mesh (link)

Mesh bands are a blend of leather strap and metal strap alike. One side is they own the softness of leather straps; the other side is they own a cosmopolitan style as metal straps. Based on these features and the sleek look, mesh bands go well with most watches. Both men and women rock them to create sophistication.

#Crazy horse leather straps
Unrestricted and natural, crazy horse leather straps have an exquisite and soft texture as suede leather.

Mercury white-milk tea crazy horse leather (link)

If you prefer watch straps crafted with special materials, you must not miss crazy horse leather. Each pair of crazy horse leather straps was born with one and only grains. These details showcase the extraordinariness of crazy horse leather straps.

Q4: How to select suitable sizes of watch dials?
In Theodora’s, no matter what size of your wrists is, you would find a fitting watch.

Wrist circumferences < 15cm: suggest the petite version of watches.
(32mm~37mm dials)

Hera petite eggshell white-blue gray leather (link)

Wrist circumferences-15cm~18cm or above: suggest the regular version of watches.
(40mm~41mm dials)

Mercury matte black-black mesh (link)

Still, the statistics above are for reference. The most important is that the wearer feels comfortable after wearing a watch. 

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