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【Guide】Three Trending Filters Add a Nice Touch to Your Pictures on a Trip.

As the government gradually lifted some restrictions, a trip boom went viral. I believe everyone has longed for some fresh air already. Today, I will introduce some trendy filters on Instagram. So, you might spice up the richness of your pictures when going on a trip.


#Handwriting adorable style
Filter-Days of the week / Creator: Pariciajandra

This filter makes the scene look like a cartoon with yellow hand-drawn frames and capital fonts. Though this filter has no special effects, if you want to arrange consistent stories, like watches and outfits for a week, the days of the week filter fits. Our model chose an Apollo white-white leather watch to film the story. This filter added a nice touch to this watch, whose color looked celestial. Everyone would get one with a pure white fur coat and this filter embellishing this watch. (link)

#Classy magazine style
Filter-Days of the week / Creator: Pariciajandra

It’s also a decent choice to use the filter to record outfit pictures on a trip. This author put days at the lower-right corner, showing the idea in these words. If you take days of the week as notes in the forms of nouns and adjectives, you can film stories like how a classy magazine look, just as we filmed a new arrival-a Hera white dial-gray leather watch, in cozy colors. With a knitted jacket, both the filter and this watch would suit you in a refreshing style. (link)

#English cursive style
Filter-Days of the week / Creator: caraavery.h

The last one is composed of a minimalist white font, written in a cursive style, to elevate the quality of pictures shot casually. It seems neat and practical to decorate the scene significantly, such as shooting this Orpheus black-orange brown leather watch. All mother-of-pearl watches have unique patterns. They display diverse attractions each time you rotate your wrist. (link)

On a trip, use a filter to spice up your stories, choose various watches to pair with outfits, and enjoy your long-lost freedom.

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