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【Recommendation】Ten Hits of Watches Came Out, at Prices Friendlier than You Imagine!

Not too many or few, we would try on these ten hottest watches and showed what they look like if on you.

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First, we recommended the White Wonder Woman watch best. This watch has sold like hotcakes, especially paired with a W emblem bracelet, which displays a proper sense of dangling and dazzling luster. You will not regret it if you take both at once. It also saves your time to consider the match.


Watch recommended: Wonder Woman white-rose gold mesh band
Bracelet recommended: Wonder Women bracelet-rose gold

Still, there is another hit-Wonder Woman bluish green. Its profound color has multiple layers. Paired with various straps, the Wonder Woman bluish green watch glows. Whoever falls into it once noticing this watch. This watch will never be absent from the must-have list of the year.


Watch recommended: Wonder Woman bluish green-black mesh

As for Hera classic collection, it never falls from its throne of bestsellers. This set of gray watches sold extremely better, especially this year. Thanks to its timeless aura, you wear Hera gray watch all seasons. In addition, its price is friendly to your budget. This watch will not fall down on you if you are the first time to buy one.


Watch recommended: Hera eggshell white-gray leather (Big)
Watch recommended: Hera eggshell white-gray leather (Small)

Next, we come to a stylish creamy white watch, which drives girls crazy! In the same color tone, the dial and straps add a sense of design. And, the shining golden W emblem invigorates the whole watch.


Watch recommended: Wonder Woman white-white leather

For this part, if you prefer unisex colors, it would be better to have a blue item. Deep blue, serene and understated, features its atmosphere boundless as the ocean. The golden pointer and W emblem adorn this watch and refine the timepiece to a grander timepiece.


Watch recommended: Wonder Woman deep blue-black leather

The black gold pairing composes of the most glamorous watch among the ten hits. This solar-powered watch can recharge itself under the light. If fully charged, its power lasts for 4 months in the darkness. As a fascinating and practical watch, any black addict must collect it.


Watch recommended: Wonder Woman black-black leather

I can’t imagine how a silver watch can be so beguiling! Blue pointers add a nice touch to this dial. On the other hand, the glossy silver doesn’t fade. Such a flawless gloss makes people want to take it home.


Watch Recommended: Apollo silver white-silver mesh band

This aurora black solar-powered watch also recharges itself under the light. And this watch topped the rank of an outdoor style, whose airy and comfy wearing texture is favored by most customers. Wherever you go, if you put on this watch, it will adventure with you immediately. 


Watch recommended: Aurora solar-powered black-black mesh

Now, it was the final hit, Venus mother-of-pearl blue gray, intoxicating to the core. If paired with a blue gray bracelet, an invincible set was born. A 36mm watch highlights the elegance and airiness of mother-of-pearl. Its bright color keeps spring and summer more romantic.


Watch recommended: Venus blue gray-blue gray leather

If you prefer to stand out from the rest, how about having an encounter with this black square watch? Its rare color pairing would get considered to be a big hit among non-mainstream watches. Its streamlined shape stands out in the ocean of watches.

Watch recommended: Hebe square black-orange brown leather

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