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【Unboxing】Chic Divas or Not Rock This Limited-Edition Rose Gold Mechanical Watch!

Hi, this is Ninnie. All along, designs of mechanical watches feature complicated craftsmanship. Plus, movements and cases of the watches are thicker than usual. As a result, their appearance would look serene and masculine, as if mechanical watches are exclusively for men. 
According to the description, for girls who want to purchase a mechanical watch, their choices are limited. Nevertheless, everything has wonderful exceptions.

This time, I received a Batman mechanical watch released by THEODORA’S and DC. It reversed my stereotypes of mechanical watches. The Batman mechanical watch focuses on being light and slim by keeping its thickness as thin as common watches. THEODORA’S developed unisex mechanical watches, which came in black and rose gold at 42mm to fits both men and women effortlessly.

Recently, rose gold has sat on the throne of trending colors. Such a color blended with mechanical watches. When you lift your arm to check the time, multi-layered movements would go into your sight first.

Through a sapphire crystal, you can explore details hidden under. Its case back had word engraved exquisitely. The elaborate structure of this watch made me feel that THEODORA’S even put effort into minor details. 

Speaking of the reason why this watch caught my sight, I would say that there were several nice touches around this watch-including its neat steel clasp, watch crown with the Batman’s emblem, and adjustable bands. 

This limited-edition mechanical watch in rose gold was born for girls as a chic and sophisticated item.

【Brand story】

THEODORA’s is a watch brand in Taiwan, dedicated to development and design of watches and accessories, established in 2017, starting to offer abroad-crossing service to South East Asia. In 2022, THEODORA’S establishing the first physical store.


Its name originated from the Greek “Θεοδώρα,” which symbolized a gift from heaven, since we hope each customer could find an exclusive gift.

【Features of mechanical watches】
Mechanical watches don’t need to change batteries or recharge, but generate power based on mechanical principles. These watches make use of clockwork inside the movement to work gears. Then, the clockwork will move pointers and keep the whole watch working. 

Additionally, swinging of arms generates power, too. If you haven’t worn it for a while, you could adjust the time by the watch crown beside. 

When it came to straps for this mechanical watch, this mechanical watch was paired with deployment clasp steel-disc bands. You don’t need any tool to adjust it.

Only when you just received a watch, you had to adjust its length to fit your arm. After that, you put in on in daily life without any adjustment. It is convenient, right?

I would conclude this article with my principles here. When I consider buying a decent item, I usually analyze quality, appearance, price, etc. 

All the watches of THEODORA’S have a 1-year warranty, packed in quality gift boxes in a dark tone, suitable for assorted situations, including gifts for besties, beloved, or yourself.

Competitive prices compared to the deluxe craftsmanship help THEODORA’S to step further toward luxurious brands. Their belief is to let customers own prime watches and highlight that customers are one and only gifts from heaven, so that they create irreplaceable features for themselves!

This article was for girls who want to give mechanical watches a try; however, wait for a reason. Ninnie would recommend THEODORA’S to you. Welcome to Visit THEODORA’S.