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【Limited-Edition】Wonder Woman Watches Exude Their Momentum to the Fullest! It’ s not just Fashion, but More about an Attitude to Life.

Even though some audiences haven’t seen the movie about Wonder Woman, they will feel her valiance, wisdom, and strength, once hearing her name. 

Wonder Woman became a role model for women. Now, it’s time to consist your own faith and dare to break all the shackles attached to you.

For Eid, Theodora’s released time-limited Wonder Woman gift sets worth sending as a gift! These gifts contain full of sincerity. It is time to buy one for the woman who means a lot to you.

The Wonder Woman gift sets come in 5 dial colors, coupled with mesh bands. Additionally, you will obtain a genuine leather scratch-resistant strap. (multiple options) 

One set contains a watch and an extra strap to help you fit outfits in several styles.

This watch is a must to wear in your daily life. Even if you want to reward yourself with this set, it’s fine since this set is practical and all-purposed.

Of course, the reason worth collecting is these watches are solar-powered.

Besides, these watches do more than just tell the time to make your daily life convenient.

Now, the Eid-limited gifts are up to 15% off. Before checking out, enter the promo code-RY20 and get RM20 off!

This time, we still have a special offer that the prevailing Hera collection is 13% off. 
If you prefer a minimalistic style, this offer is not to miss. Hurry up and visit the official website. 

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