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【Recommendation】Shuttling in a city, either in dynamic or static situations, #Batman Mechanical Watches Exude a Stylish Vibe to the Fullest.

“Mechanical watches” are artworks of time. Each tick-tock is accomplished by an excellent spirit of craftsman, which demonstrates that mechanical watches have witnessed legacies of time and history, and will keep witnessing them. From the past to the present, Theodora’s fused modernity with artworks, thus creating extraordinary Batman mechanical watches, revealing a never-ending journey of time.


Batman luminous mechanical watches: dark blue-black deployment strap

If you also like chasing the wind, don’t forget to bring your watch.

Let’s shuttle in cities, country roads, mountains, and the sea, to feel the most entrancing journey of time of nature. (Buy here)

When you are driving or riding, you don’t need to take out your phone, just raise your wrist, and you’ll see the time. Connecting the time to your memories, you could leisurely savor your free time. (Buy here)

◆It is no need to install any batteries or recharge. You just move your wrist to generate power for this watch.◆


Batman luminous mechanical watches: black-black deployment strap

Someone said that music and time compare to milk and Americano, two elements that compose a mellow bittersweet savor. (Buy here)

Bathing in the sunshine, its unique red watch hand adorns this mystic timepiece with rare wildness. (Buy here)
Bathing in the sunshine also generates power for luminous pointers, that is, even at night, this watch will bring you radiance.

Still, many on the official website are available, feel free to visit the website. 

Official website