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【Recommended Accessories】In 2023, Dopamine Dressing Will Show Us How to Dress Ourselves in Delight, Demonstrating Our Distinguished Styles.

The outfit theme of year-dopamine dressing has swept the whole globe. No matter who you are, western influencers or Asian bloggers, they have taken a ride of this trend. Thus, you will upgrade to a fashionista in this summer if you know this buzzword of fashion. 

Q: What is Dopamine?
A: Dopamine is an organic compound in our brains and bodies. When a person feels happy., the brain will release dopamine.

From the perspective of psychology, bright colors would stimulate the index of happiness. In accordance with this theory, we could pair bright color tones and colorful items to create your outfits.

(Photo from Pinterest)

A tip for whoever is new to dopamine dressing: One-piece style. 

Since colors of the dopamine dressing are usually brilliant and colorful, if not careful enough, anyone happens to pair an unideal combination. Considering this accident, we highly recommend a single color tone or single collection to you. By starting from the two genres, you would significantly decrease the percentage of failure.


Recommendation one:

Theia unisex oversized transparent frame polarized sunglasses-pink

Sunglasses are authentic items for summer. Due to colorful ombre lenses, they are the easiest ones to get as accessories for dopamine dressing. Under the illumination of the sunlight in summer, a pair of these sunglasses reflect beguiling lusters. Ladies, it’s your show time to get a pair and dazzle everyone around you! (Link)


Recommendation two:

Hera minimalistic unisex leather watch: silver white-purple

Watches are common items in our daily lives, too. Why not just use these watches to add some colors of dopamine with their straps? This is also a way to increase colors of dopamine for people who are new to this concept. Whenever you raise your hand to see the time, you also see the color of delight. Through every move, you radiate gratification. (Link)


Recommendation three:

Wish-Genuine Leather Braided Bracelet: pink

On the other hand, if you think that it is too bold for you, some dainty accessories work as well, like this bracelet, a heart pendant fusing peachy pink, which is a fantastic combination. The elements-a heart pendant and pink color, transfer a sense of sweet love. Such a fancy bracelet also creates an unexpected touch of “low-key dopamine.” (Link)

Above all are the recommendations for people who are new to dopamine dressing, so you don’t need to keep a high profile, yet still follow the trend of fashion.