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【Unboxing】The Prime Option of Present ♡ Theodora’s-Wield the Wand of Time.

Speaking of outfits, watches usually embody a personal good taste, also a decent option as presents for couples, friends, and family. Therefore, I would unbox a deluxe watch brand-Theodora’s. I chose a “limited-edition Mercury watch & alternative strap set | laurel green.”

When I slowly opened the box, a mystic yet glorious world was revealed at my sight. My heart was beating rapidly with my anticipation, feeling that I was absorbed by the magic of time. Inside the gift box, the color pairing-black and golden, coming with their own paper bag, displayed a grand sense of ritual. Once I took out the watch, I could tell its smooth texture and elegant colors. While the pointers were dancing on the tempo of time, I had a feeling, as if this watch also loved to give its company to me in the future. 

【Watch information】
Watch diameter: 4.2 cm
Dial diameter: 3.8 cm
Strap width: 2 cm
Case thickness: 0.9 cm
Material of case: 304 stainless steel
Watch crystal: mineral crystal
Material of strap: Japanese movement
Functions: 24-hour indicator, date window, battery indicator, and timing in minutes/seconds. 
Water resistance: 3ATM-daily water resistance

The laurel green, as the partner of rose gold, is rare to see such a refreshing and chic color. Under various lights, it looks like mocha sometimes, but gray green other times, always seizing people’s attention.

As for my preferences for a watch, I am keen on clear hour-markers, the date window, and the timing function. It would be a plus if the watch features some nice touches, such as a solid dual-layer shimmering dial or delicate feather pointers, to add layers to the watch dial. Even a girl who has a thin wrist like me will rock and pair large watch dials with outfits. The Mercury watch, for either work or casual outfits, always goes ahead with you while you hold your head up.

“Limited-edition Mercury watch & alternative strap set | laurel green.”
Now, let’s check its alternative straps: classic mesh bands-rose gold. The Mercury watch’s straps boast a quick-release function, that is, you could replace the straps with no sweat. Whichever style you prefer, fashionable or casual, could be switched instantly.

Moreover, the Mercury collection’s feature is solar-powered chronographs. The motto of this collection is “Wherever there is light, the time never stops.” Based on this motto, the Mercury collection recharge itself wherever there is light, saving you changing batteries. Both the outdoor sunlight and the indoor light generate energy for your watch. Anywhere, anytime, yours always generate power!
Here’s the page if you are intrigued: https://tdwch.com/xIrr8

This time, Theodora’s also released a “Leather Ultra-Thin RFID-Blocking Bi-Fold,” which came in the same color as the watch.

【Bi-fold information】
RFID-blocking: This function could block a scanner from the exterior of this wallet. Thus, it can not scan cards available for scanning, which is an efficient way to stop card fraud.

Dimension: L-10.5 cm; W-9 cm; H-1.2 cm
Card slot: 6
Interior section: 2
Cash section: 1
Zipper coin: 1
Materials: First-layer calfskin. Skin-friendly and smooth texture.

This genuine leather bi-fold dazzled me by heart. Due to the first-layer calfskin, when I hold this bi-fold, it displayed its smooth and mellow texture. I can tell not only its upscale quality but its durability. Back to the basics, it stores quite a few cards and bills. Also, the pocket behind stores your EasyCard with ease. Bills will sit well in the case section without wrinkles. You take out the cash just as it slides out smoothly.

Now, every time I go out, I often carry a dainty bag. The volume of the bi-fold is ultimately thin! Even at full capacity, it doesn’t consume considerable room in your bag. That is the reason why this bi-fold is worth being the priority of dainty bag lovers, not to mention its succinct design, suitable for daily use or journey.

Have you heard of “the Feng Shui of wallets?” Like the laurel green that I chose, it boosts one’s fortune of wealth continuously. Different colors carry various fortunes of wealth. It is fine to change a wallet to switch your luck and gather fortune.
Product page: https://tdwch.com/jBWvW 

Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming. How about choosing a fancy gift from Theodora’s collections? As a great deal, you also find a great sense of ritual in it!

For more products, feel free to visit 
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