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Theodora’s Takes You Back to the Beginning Mindset, Knitting a Fate with Love.

For 2023 Chinese Valentine’s Day, let Theodora’s take you to recall what your beginning mindset was, so that you can knit a fate with love. A fate would last until eternity. 

Theodora’s originated from Greek-Θεοδώρα, which represented a gift from heaven. Since the brand was established, Theodora’s has selected “love” as the core, to dedicate all energy to each watch, accessories, and leather goods. 

Along the way, Theodora’s has experienced countless attempts and explorations, persistence, and waiting, adventurous to challenge ourselves with co-branding collaborations, focusing more on fine details to pursue quality of craftsmanship.

In 2023, on Chinese Valentine’s Day, the festival of affection. Theodora’s also recalled the beginning mindset and knitted a fate with love, sincerely inviting you to go forward to completeness.

The brand new collection has debuted.

Aeon-Fate collection

Aeon was an original deity in the ancient Greek myths, representing time also meaning eternity. 

This collection was crafted for couples, fusing time and fate, the prior option of gifts for Chinese Valentine’s Day. 

Pre-order one immediately.

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