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The Aeon-Fate Couple Watch Set Tightens the Love Cord of You & Me, Dedicating Romantic Time to Us.

There has been a paragraph of lyrics sung like the following: “I can get used to a long-distance relationship, since love always has me to do something unwanted. I would rather change a way to at least love you in a faraway place. Love overcomes distance. No matter how far we are, we stay together.”

Couples in a long-distance relationship often meet multiple problems and barriers to conquer, especially the relationship across time zones, which makes it hard to synchronize both sides’ daily lives. Speaking of communication and getting along with each other, the time difference will be a towering wall separating you.

“I will remember your time, as you are by my side.” The Aeon-fate couple watch collection boasts the GMT function that displays dual time on one dial, that is, even if couples live in different places, they could know what time it is in each other’s time zone, increasing convenience and romance.

Product: Chinese Valentine’s Day Aeon-fate couple watch + alternative strap sets(b+s)

The big dial features Arabic hour markers. On the other hand, the small one displays its grace with 12 round dots. This collection prides itself on the GMT function and Swiss movements, paired with stainless steel watch cases. Furthermore, its water resistance reaches 10ATM, plus the date window on the right side, keeping this collection perfectly handy.

The Aeon-fate collection utilizes the ombre design, which lets the dials reflect a rare luster. 

◆Red: Owns the glow splendid as the sunset, remarkably mesmerizing.

◆Blue: reflects a profound luster as the starry night, showcasing a tranquil vibe.

You see no limit on nice touches applied to the Aeon collection!

The elaborately conceived logo of Theodora’s finally debuted! Based on the Mobius strap, gifts, and love, the designs were fused with watches. You can notice these nice touches on pointers, watch crowns, and case backs. These designs also infuse a hearty meaning into these watches.

Theodora’s has released time-limited limited-edition sets and couple watch sets, 
dedicating a sincere blessing to couples separated between two places.

Aeon GMT Swiss movement watches!


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