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《Couple Watch Recommendations》Theodora’s Fate Dual Time Watch Collection Reminds Both of Each Other’s Time.

In several Valentine’s Days, it’s not a celebration but a sense of ritual that matters, The Aeon-fate couple watch sets of Theodora’s connect both people’s hearts tightly. From cases to pointers, all details blended with innovative ideas, especially the dual time function, which lets a couple in a distant relationship keep each other’s time in mind. The second hand of the Mobius strap makes you feel like the other is by your side. 


Theodora’s Fate dual time couple watches keep your time in mind every now and then.


Whenever some special day is coming, choosing gifts starts haunting you, right? Such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Watches would be on lists of many, since they contain practicality and sincerity. If you worry about taboos, a couple may buy couple watches together. They prove more suitable and more low-key gifts than couple T-shirts.

Theodora’s is a Taiwanese brand, founded in 2017, committed to developing prime watches and jewelry. At first, they started on e-commerce platforms. Over the years, they have established the first physical store in 2022. Their watches convey a rare sense, hiding surprises under the neat looks, just as we unwrap these nice ideas like onions.


Lately, I was mesmerized by their chic square watches. Also, they have released a series of unexpected watch collections inspired by movies and animations, unlike those flip-cover cartoon watches. No matter which the collection is, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, or Batman, all will make your eyes open wide.

This time, collaborating with Theodora’s, I unboxed the couple watches from the Aeon-fate collection. The actual items dazzled me with their quality and designs, which motivated me to dig in other collections. Then, these collections told me one thing: Theodora’s shaped them with dozens of details and passion. That moved me, and became the reason why I must share this brand with you.

Back to the Aeon-fate collection, this collection would be prioritized for couples, as it offers couple watch sets. Its main feature is a dual time function, emphasizing romance across distant places. Nothing limits your love. If missing each other, look at the watch and the ticking second hand. It feels like you two feel each other’s heartbeat and breath.


Aeon-fate couple watches

Outside the black box was tied with a golden ribbon to dedicate their genuine wish.

A neat, chic gift box stored couple watches, coming with a fancy paper bag, two warranty cards, and small cards, exquisite with much effort. 
Besides original bracelet straps, this set came with genuine leather straps. The large watch for men and the petite one for women composed this fine pairing.

There are many color options of this watch set. It could be a struggle to pick one as your favorite. Green happens to be my color of the year. Still, other colors would suit steel bracelet straps and scratch-resistant genuine leather straps. So, you switch styles as you like it. For instance, you could pair it with your outfit on that day or a couple’s OOTD. 

The bracelet straps are detachable-link, which means you can adjust the length of straps effortlessly by detaching their joints. Or you might replace bracelet straps with leather ones. It’s not hard as you expect. When I received this set, the watch was much looser than I had expected. Then, I detached two or three joints. That was really efficient. Not like before, I must go to a watch mechanic to deal with my watch. 

The bluish green didn’t look like macarons, yet more profound and more mature. As there was little word to describe this color precisely, I was keen on its outstanding existence. As a rebellious couple, my soulmate and I don’t like to stay in the frame like others. 

If you take a close look, the smoky ombre dial shines like a deep, glittering lake, tranquil and peaceful. However, I also felt captivated by the description on the official website, which says the bluish green resembles the aurora at night, with elaborate layers. That triggered my curiosity to witness the aurora. From certain angles, it ingeniously turned blue. Switching between blue and green, under the sunlight, that is another kind of layers.

You can call it a GMT watch as well, because of its dual time function and date window. If you rotate the bezel counterclockwise, it can mark the time and measure time. This watch includes multiple functions.

The watch uses Swiss movement, since it has a long lifespan and works precisely. Thus, it would stay with you for a long while, just as we expect the love story to last forever. Next, the watch case was made of stainless steel, as for the bezel-ceramic. The glass of this watch was made of Sapphire crystal, whose hardness is only second to diamond, containing scratch resistance.

In the darkness, the UV-luminous design will let the wearer see the time clearly.

Again, the bezel’s material is ceramic rather than metal. In comparison to metal, ceramic boasts better water resistance and scratch resistance, and doesn't fade rapidly. 
Speaking of the watch case, it uses 304 stainless steel, easy to maintain and not to rust fast.

Details of the case back were outstanding. At first glance, the pattern looked like a gear. In the middle is the logo of Theodora’s. Take a closer look and the interior ring is surrounded by Roman numerals, which amazed me. Additionally, the case back features a screw-in structure to lock tightly. The level of water resistance is 10ATM, which means that this watch can tolerate pressure under 100m water, suitable for swimming and scuba diving.

On the watch crown, you will see there is a logo of Theodora’s. Moreover, the finishing is a quality matte brushed style, showcasing an elaborate taste.

The second hand was blended with the initial of Theodora’s and the Mobius strap that symbolizes eternity, so that, this watch will bind both persons’ fate. No matter where both persons go, they will encounter eventually.

Ed and I love to wear this watch to go out recently. We especially love leather straps. They convey a leisurely and artistic ambience.

Counting my watches, I found that I actually own quite a few watches. However, to be honest, the times of wearing watches are probably less than my ten fingers in a year. Even though wearing watches, I often watch the time on my phone instead on my watch. (I still forget to look at my watch often, sorry.)


Nevertheless, since I tried the couple watches of Theodora’s, they have increased my frequency of wearing watches. Wearing them to go out is proof that you are in sync. Also, it could be a bond of love when you two are separated in two places. 

The Saffiano leather strap version of our watch set shone due to its prime quality. Originally, I was concerned that summer is so hot that my sweat could stain my leather straps. Contrary to my worry, they have no stain and won’t make my wrist feel humid and hot.

In my daily life, it’s more convenient to pair it with outfits. Theodora’s watches polished the whole as statement pieces, thanks to their neat yet distinguished designs. Understated and plain, the profound green that subtly reflected adorned your taste and attracted others’ attention.

I also feared that I wrote too many love words, and everyone would leave. Actually, the couple watch sets are not limited to couples. Family, friends, or besties are fine to own ones to display your solid relationships. 

Not everyone owns the other that often goes on business trips, or stays in a long-distance relationship, I know. But to me, the most attractive part is the “dual time” function, which helps me compare the time of two countries, so that I can manage the work plans in Taiwan and the time to contact my family. Therefore, I don’t need to set two alarms on my phone. This way helps me to understand the real-time situation and form the habit of looking at my watches.

If you are looking for a pair of couple watches, I would recommend Theodora’s to you. This pair of couple watches crosses two time zones, and belongs to your two. You can remember each other’s time every now and then. That’s more romantic than anything. If you are in a long-distance relationship, or the other frequently goes on a business, it could be a decent surprise when you meet next time.


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