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【Couple Watches-Fate Collection】Counting to Three, I Hope Next Second You will Appear in front of Me.

Our long-distance relationship is five years six months old this year. While I work in Taiwan, he flies all around the world, sometimes in Penghu, sometimes in Japan, and sometimes, towards an unknown destination.

We are used to going to work, getting off work, and living alone. Also, we are used to ordering a ticket and departing individually. You want to participate in my daily life, and I plan to visit where you have been. Our long-distance relationship makes us cherish each gathering more deeply.

Two lives seem unrelated but we remember each other every now and then. It’s 12 o’clock now, have you eaten? It’s 15 o’clock now, have you also been busy today? It’s o’clock now, have you gotten off work?


Product: Aeon-fate couple watches + alternative straps-(big + small)

With the countdown to 1, 2, 3, I hope that I will see you next second. I don’t feel lonely even living alone, as I always look at the time on my watch to miss you. “I will keep your time in mind, and regard it as you are by my side.”

Theodora originated from the ancient Greek, which means the gift from heaven. Thanks to the invitation of Theodora’s, it gilded the fifth year of our long-distance relationship with a new meaning.

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