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TW X FR Married Couple’s Recommendations-Theodora’s Dual Time Couple Watch Set Symbolizes Overseas Romance.

There are multiple Valentine’s Days, followed by your better half’s birthday and various anniversaries. Are you distressed at picking gifts? From my aspect, “couple watches” would be the most suitable as one of the top 5 Valentine’s gifts. Compared to couple T-shirts, couple watches convey a more low-key ambience, carry a memorable meaning, and own their practicality. Besides, you can wear watches as daily items. Theodora’s owns several collections and various combinations of couple watches. All of them feature a decent quality. Thus, you will easily pick your preferred styles.

Theodora’s is a watch brand in Taiwan, committed to design and development of watches and jewelry, founded in 2017. They have extended their service to Southeast Asia in 2019. In 2022, Theodora’s founded the first physical store in Taiwan. Speaking of the name, it originated from the ancient Greek, Θεοδώρα, which meant the gift from heaven, as well as what Theodora’s wants to offer to customers. 

My choice was the couple watch set of the Aeon-fate collection. Men’s watch was a large version in eternal gray, paired with black bracelet straps. On the other hand, women’s watch was a petite version in white, paired with silver bracelet straps. In addition to bracelet straps, this set came with extra Saffiano leather straps (women-white/men-gray). The couple watches were stored in a neat and sophisticated box, even coming with a quality paper bag, two warranty cards, and a small card. Such elaborate packaging carries a sense of ritual when you give it to someone as a gift.


The recommended couple watch set of Theodora’s 

Their “one watch, two styles” really caught me, especially when I knew they were available for switching straps. I could match the couple watches with different straps by my moods. So, my watch at least had two appearances, which suits more styles of outfits. I also recommended visiting the official website of Theodora’s, you might see multiple combinations in diverse colors. Whether watch dials or straps, you will see a handful of pairings. Men’s watches are large, while women’s are petite. 

I selected the pair of eternal gray for men and white for women. This pairing would be the timeless one in my opinion. Their partners, black bracelet straps (men) and silver bracelet straps (women), remain an understated vibe, too. At first glance, I noticed that the second hand fused the word love and the symbol of infinity. Then, it dawned on me that a unique touch of Theodora’s. The brand new logo-T blended with the Mobius strap, as an exquisite demonstration of endless love. Even on the watch crown, you can see the logo. The whole watch really collects all love into itself.

The Aeon-fate collection was actually born for couples. Featuring the dual time, thus the watch collection would suit couples in a long-distance relationship. Both will remember each other’s time. Take me as an example, there is an eight-hour time difference between Taiwan and France. Though my husband Simon and I live together now, we also have experienced the time of living in two faraway places.

I liked its white dial. To me, going flawlessly with any outfit matters. Still, Simon’s gray one amazed me with its sophistication, not to mention its glamour. Theodora’s put a lot of effort into these watch dials indeed. They chose sapphire crystals whose stiffness is second to diamonds’. Therefore, the sapphire crystals boast extraordinary scratch resistance. Additionally, the bezels of these watches are made from ceramic, don’t easily fade, and own high wear resistance and great scratch resistance. In comparison with metal bezels, their water resistance is superior.

As for their watch cases, Theodora’s crafted them with 304 stainless steel, to offer an easier maintaining condition. Another advantage is that the watches don’t rust. These characters make the watches suitable for wearing and collecting. Moreover, what drew my attention was the design of rotating bezels. If you rotate the bezel counterclockwise to align the triangular mark with the minute hand, you can measure the passing time. 

Thanks to the dual time function, not only for couples who live separately in far places, but also for those who have demands to go on business trips, the watches can be your good helpers that manage the time of two zones and ensure your plans with no mistakes.

Apart from the local time in Taiwan, my phone also has the local times in France and New Zealand. Since Simon’s family lives in France, my sister and her husband live in New Zealand now. Time zones in winter and the ones in Summer will have changes between one hour fast or one hour late.

Theodora’s also took Swiss movements. While the Swiss movements keep watch hands working precisely, they also extend the lifespan of the watches. Given the advantages above, I would say couple watches are fitting as Valentine’s Day gifts, because of their low-key and splendid features.

Simon and I rarely wore the same clothes with obvious logos or accessories. Most of the time, we wore the clothes in the same style but in different colors, or different accessories in the same color tone. The Aeon-fate collection happened to suit my preferences.

It was so easy to replace my straps with leather ones. I didn’t need any tool to take them off and put another pair on. As steel bracelet straps look sharp, leather ones render gentler. I liked both. Men’s watch was paired with gray leather straps, and women’s was with white leather straps.

The alternative straps are genuine leather straps with cross-like patterns. Their patterns are one reason to have great scratch resistance. I felt these genuine leather straps were excellent to perfection. 

This watch really contained too many thoughtful designs, e.g., the UV-luminous function. After being irradiated by UV, this watch would tell you time even at night, which amazed me with a thoughtful impression.

Also, it shone with 10ATM water resistance, which means this watch can stand the pressure under 100-meter water. If you go swimming or snorkeling with this watch, it won’t be a problem, not to mention washing hands or taking a shower.

Valentine’s Day gift recommended Theodora’s-couple watches 

Theodora’s didn’t miss the design of case backs. This watch was installed with a screw-in case back that offered tightly sealed water resistance. Simon preferred only black, white, and blue before, but he praised that this gray-gray watch was a perfect match in terms of colors, as in the reason that appealed to him.

Couple watches are worth regarding fancy Valentine’s Day gifts. You could definitely “couple watches” or “watches” on the list of recommended Valentine’s Day gifts. A sophisticated watch matters a lot to men, because men don’t wear many accessories as women do. So, it is worthwhile to select a sophisticated and sturdy watch. 

Couple watches stand for the bond between two hearts, embodying loyalty and promises for love. Even if two persons are not in the same zone, once you wear couple watches, it feels like two hearts beat in sync. Each second you will sense each other’s company and affection. Couple watches not only symbolize love, but become fabulous memories between both. With a story and memories between you, you might think of each other, on noticing the watches on your wrists, which indicates you are willing to stay by each other’s side.

For more gifts, welcome to visit the official website of Theodora’s 

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