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【Watch Recommendation】The Splendid of White should be Shared with Everyone! 3 White Watches for This Season Surround You with an Extraordinarily Upscale Vibe.

Minimalistic and sheer white is always a must for outfits. Without the limitations of seasons, white basically goes seamlessly with most clothes and is available to be paired with diverse straps so that these combinations vary with brand new looks. Given the advantage, white is the best deal. This article has meticulously listed three white watches. Everyone can select the favored one by budget.


【Hera minimalistic collection】#budget within RM 310

The Hera minimalistic collection is on the top of the list of fans, since its price is quite alluring, RM 310 to get one. Moreover, this collection offers choices between big dials and small dials. Thanks to the variety, even those whose arms are thinner find a watch that suits them. 

The petite version displays dainty and mild fascination.

On the other hand, the big version stays timeless and suits every style impeccably. Its simple and plain design makes it easy to look at the time. Now, if you purchase one on the official website, the watch will be guaranteed with free battery replacement. 


【Wonder Woman solar-powered collection】#budget within RM 900

The Wonder Woman solar-powered collection adopts the solar-powered function. The merit is that you don’t need to replace a battery. You just put it under the place where the UV exists, and then the watch keeps working. Roman numeral hour markers, a red-blue pointer, and the W emblem ingeniously correspond to the image of Wonder Woman.

Taking a close look will reveal its details, and taking a further look magnifies the sophistication of white. The chronograph watch blooms with confidence and glow, simple and clear-cut, worth trying.


【Aquaman luminous dive watch collection】#budget within RM 1200

The Aquaman luminous dive collection, exquisite white watch, looks so brilliant under the sunlight. Boasting 10ATM water resistance and a luminous function, this watch would display the time clearly even in the darkness underwater. Whether washing your hands, going snorkeling, going surfing, or walking on a rainy day, you can wear it without worry. 

Neat white demonstrates simple and immaculate sophistication. If you are too lazy to think about what to pair with your outfit, just put on this watch. It will get you stylish readily. To show your upscale sense of fashion, prepare a gift, or reward yourself, this watch would be a decent choice.

For more watches, welcome to visit the official website of Theodora’s.