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TW X GER Couple Recommended This Watch to Long-Distance Couples|6 Ways Maintain Your Long-Distance Relationship-GMT Couple Watch Set.

It’s been a year since I moved to Germany! The outside was quite chilly this winter, but my boyfriend’s and my hearts felt so warm. We recalled the three years of our long-distance relationship when we kept each other company in different corners of the world. When I studied in Sweden, my heart was fastened with him when he went on a trip to Southeast Asia. When he was busy writing his essay, he thought about me when I interned in Israel. Then, while having a 7-hour time difference, we celebrated each other’s first job together. Over a thousand days, we calculated the time differences in various countries while both sides’ schedules were tight. That made us a bit dizzy. 

In this case, we finally live together now, and thus picked a pair of Theodora’s GMT dual time couple watches, to reminisce about the time and missing when we worked diligently in different time zones. We also wanted to share our tips for maintaining the bond of a long-distance relationship.

Tip 1: Greet with each other by “Good morning” and “Good evening.”

Even though there is a time difference, we greet each other by good morning and good evening. That helps you create a subtle sense of ritual. Through sending a message when the other gets up or lies in bed, we cheer up each other in our daily lives.

This pair of couple watches is available for setting the times of two time zones by GMT pointer. Therefore, this function keeps a long-distance couple closer. Also, Theodora’s offers several colors of dials plus a variety of bracelet straps and leather ones to switch. You could compose your preferred style. Based on that, each couple would find a pair of couple watches suiting their styles best. 

My boyfriend chose understated, serene bluish green, as I selected free, energetic white. 

The bluish green demonstrates a gloss similar to a lake that has a shallow area and a deep one under different beams. The white paired with rose gold conveys an unobtrusive ambience through vibrancy.

We have received a lot of praise. We said proudly, “These are our couple watches.”

Tip 2: Place the attention to yourself.

The vital principle to maintaining a long-distance relationship is focusing on yourself and doing what you like. 

Live the way you like and you could find something new to share with the other. Your brilliant status will magnetize the other.

The couple watches of Theodora’s have the logo imprinted on their watch cases and a brushing finish on the case side, just like you, a star shooting from the sky in the eyes. 

Also, the design of the straps is very delicate. You can adjust them at home. In accordance with your outfits, you might switch to leather straps from bracelet straps.

This pair of watches saves you the trouble of going to a watch shop. People whose arms are as thin as mine can adjust this watch to fit them.

Tip 3: Create some surprises.


The further you live, the more essential you need to create a surprise. Especially on specific days, preparing something that you two will reminisce about in the future is better than any other. 

I have received a handmade Christmas countdown calendar, found my boyfriend’s friends to film a birthday video, and created a short novel and set us as the protagonists to write down stories of traveling around the world. When we missed each other, we could take it out and see. That warmed our hearts.

The couple watches of Theodora’s, I personally think of, as the best surprise for the other, since they offered an exquisite gift box, and created a romantic design on the pointer. The pointer composes the word love and the symbol of infinity, to symbolize endless love. On the other hand, these watches feature sapphire crystals, whose stiffness is second to diamonds, sturdy and wear-resistant as your love.

Tip 4: Make a story.

It’s hard to meet in a long-distance relationship. So, we usually "created new memories" together by “imagination.” We would have a feeling that we really met each other.

For example, we made a story that we went to a treehouse in Cuba. In the story, we had a superpower that we could fly over the water. If we flew until tired, our sweat dropped on the surface and flowers bloomed. Next, we picked these flowers to give passers-by. Eventually, we became known as the heartwarming couple that gave flowers away in Cuba. 

This story was ridiculous yet adorable, right? Years later, when we mentioned Cuba again, it still felt as if we had visited this country and left some wonderful memories. 

Incidentally, this pair of couple watches features 10ATM water resistance, which basically means it can bear the water pressure under 100-meter water. No matter which country couples visit to go swimming or snorkeling, they can wear this pair to go underwater together.

Furthermore, the triangular mark on the bezel helps you mark the time and measure a lapse of time. This feature would suit those who go abroad often. 

Tip 5: Never tell a lie.

It’s already hard to maintain your sense of security. If you find the other telling a lie once, after that gap, it will be followed by endless doubts. Once you feel exhausted from doubting, either of you will give up this relationship. 

Therefore, in my case, we don’t hide anything, stay honest to face each other, and build up trust little by little. So far, no matter what has happened, we know that we back up each other with solid support. 

Speaking of which, this pair of couple watches also contains a UV luminous function, a function that helps you see the time clearly in the darkness, just as on a dark night we see each other and convey soothing strength. 

Tips 6: Save money

Long-distance relationships sound romantic; however, no matter how romantic your love is, without bread, there is no chance to reunite. 

When I just graduated, even a flight ticket cost me nearly my one-month salary. During the pandemic, if I wanted to meet my boyfriend, I needed to spend a variety of costs on pandemic prevention. Since then, I have had a solid thought that money can’t solve everything, but without money, there is not much I can do.

So, later I switch to another job to save an amount of money. After having some deposit, I got some chips to negotiate with my boss about working remotely. Last, we didn’t reach an agreement. Then, I submitted a resignation and bought a ticket to move to Germany. At here, I eventually ended the three-year long-distance relationship and turned to the next page.

This pair of couple watches takes Swiss movements, working precisely. Plus stainless steel watch cases, under ideal maintenance, they don’t rust, suitable for collecting and wearing lastingly. Let your deposit deploy its value, like the ticket I bought.

A long-distance relationship is not an easy option. Nevertheless, experiencing storms and sunlight with the right one in your life is worth anything.

Let your love cross time and space.

As a new year is coming, choosing a pair of couple watches is not only celebrating your long-distance relationship, but also witnessing your love that crosses two zones and builds up the common future. ❤️

👉Theodora’s Aeon-fate GMT luminous Dive Watches