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[Unboxing Review] THEODORA'S Theodora Boutique-Level Beautiful Wristwatch X High-Functionality Diving Watch

"Now that we have smartphones, why do we still need watches?" For me, watches are not just indicators of time, but symbols of a lifestyle. Watches are a tool that can easily showcase personal taste and charm. Choosing a watch is like choosing a stance in life; it witnesses the passing of time and your values.

I'm not a fan of jewelry because it's easy to lose. I might wear a necklace or ring occasionally for an outfit of the day (OOTD), but I am a man who loves watches. Today, I want to unbox a watch brand from Taiwan, THEODORA'S, a rare brand that achieves boutique level for both watches and jewelry. What's special about this season is their collaboration with Warner Bros on the "Aquaman series," combining fashionable and beautiful watch designs with diving functionality. The blend of strength and beauty in this series has piqued my curiosity!

Aquaman Luminous Dive Watch|Black Dial-Black Bracelet Strap


Receiving the THEODORA'S watch box is full of surprises, with the brand name in gold foil and the silky deep blue box exuding quality. Whether it's a gift for yourself or for someone else, it's filled with sincerity.

I recently needed to attend some formal occasions, so I was looking for a high-end watch with "confidence". Therefore, I purchased THEODORA'S Aquaman Luminous Diving Watch. With its black dial and black stainless steel chain, it's a very masculine design. I particularly like the strap of THEODORA'S ; the black with a hint of gray has a matte black iPhone-like reflective sheen, making it very textured.

My wrists are rather slender, and I've always been hesitant to try watches with a 42mm dial. However, THEODORA'S Aquaman series straps don't make me look like a child wearing adult clothes; they fit very well and even add a bit of masculinity. The straps are made of solid 304 stainless steel, and the best part is that you can adjust the bracelet by removing links yourself, without needing to go to a watch shop for adjustments.

THEODORA'S Aquaman Luminous Diving Watch also has some delightful thoughtful details that will thrill you if you're a fan of DC's Aquaman like me. First, its 12 o'clock marker is Aquaman's classic emblem, symbolizing the authority of the King of the Seven Seas. The second hand is designed as Poseidon's weapon—the trident, making it a true signature design of the Aquaman series.


Aquaman Luminous Diving Watch with 10ATM Water Resistance

Sporting the masculine look of Aquaman, it's only natural that it should be able to conquer the seas like Aquaman himself. THEODORA'S Aquaman Luminous Diving Watch boasts a 10ATM water resistance level, making it suitable for swimming and snorkeling. Additionally, the dial is made of stainless steel material, which helps to prevent rust.

However, based on my personal experience, water resistance doesn't mean it can be exposed to water recklessly without getting damaged. Whether you're at the beach or a swimming pool, it's still necessary to rinse it with tap water afterwards to wash away any corrosive elements.


Aquaman Luminous Diving Watch: Boutique-Level Men's Quality Selection

Although the initial purchase of THEODORA'S Theodora Aquaman Luminous Diving Watch was to match formal attire, its stunning appearance still makes me eager to try it out with a casual style.

This time, I'm going for a Silicon Valley executive's casual weekend look, adding layers with subdued colors and a white undershirt. With headphones on, I'm ready for an invigorating morning jog. At this moment, as you pass by, a glance at the watch on my wrist catches your eye. The polished black dial reflects sophistication, and you can immediately sense the level of taste of the person wearing it.

The aesthetic of men's fashion lies in the beauty of being understated. The rise of the "old money" style in the United States serves as a reminder that having wealth or class doesn't require flashy competition but rather a reserved and steady demeanor. At this moment, THEODORA'S watch plays an extremely important role.