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【Recommendations】10 Select Couple Bracelets Make Your Love Last Longer with Understated Romance.

Except wearing couple-shirts, sometimes couples wear same bracelets could also strengthen the connection between each other. Taking each other’s hands with same bracelets to show off your love in a low-key way, make your relationship couldn’t be sweeter. We’re going to introduce the most popular couple bracelets of Theodora’s, they are all very classic and worthy for a second look. No matter where you go, which kind of outfits you wear, would definitely suit those bracelets!

1. Naiad 316L Stainless Steel Bangle

The simple design is just like your love, simple but deep. Don’t need a fancy decoration but still eye-catching. The material is 316L Stainless Steel. The color of female version is rose gold and male version is black. This is the simplest and most fitting fashionable accessory (Female ver./Male ver.)

2. Naiad 316L Stainless Steel Cuff

The design of this cuff is also very simple and fitting for all kinds of outfits, it could match all kinds of watches. The simple beauty resembles your love, simple but eternal. (Female ver./Male ver.)

3. Oread Magnetic 316L Stainless Steel Genuine Leather Bracelet

The genuine leather plus the unique infinity symbol is like your love for your loved-one, infinite and endless. (Female ver./Male ver.)

4. Oread Dark Brown Genuine Leather Bracelet

The plaited genuine leather with fine choose of colors, don’t need any other decoration could still bring joy to your love. The everyday life would be more colorful because of it. (Female ver./Male ver.)

5. Oread Two-tone Blue Black Genuine Leather Bracelet

Blue and black plait together would become the warmest color. The genuine leather material is very comfortable to wear. Wearing this bracelet, take each other’s hands, you will feel the warmness of your hearts. (Female ver./Male ver.)

6. Oread Two-tone Brown Black Genuine Leather Bracelet

This design is exactly the same as the one above, but brown and black could emphasize the leather material. This design could match all kinds of outfits; it could accompany you passing every day vividly. (Female ver./Male ver.)

7. Nereid 316L Stainless Steel Silver Bracelet

With this bracelet, your relationship would become stable and firm. It has a very special steel-cable-like design, very solid, looks very casual and stylish to wear.  This bracelet would be the faithful guardian angel of your love, don’t miss it! (Female ver./Male ver.)

8. Chloris Flower of Life 316L Stainless Steel Bracelet (Hope & Strength)

This openwork bracelet with the unique designed totemic hanging ornament combines with both strength and gentleness. The female version represents “hope” which is elegant and gorgeous; and the male version represents “strength” which is handsome and courageous. Just like lovers would give each other both “hope” and “strength” which is a relationship couldn’t be without. (Female ver./Male ver.)

9. Oread Double Genuine Leather Bracelet

Special double genuine leather design consists of red and black, it’s glamorous and stylish. Even number represent happiness. The lucky bracelets should be worn on by lovers together. (Female ver./Male ver.)

(Female ver./Male ver.)

The blessing from Adam and Eve, no matter you are couples or married parents could wear this bracelet to thank your lover for always be there for you, and make this happiness maintaining forever. Besides, this series of bracelet also has parent/child set, there will be an extra mini bracelet for your new-born baby. Therefore, the whole family could wear the same kind of bracelet, enjoy the sweetness and warmness of your family.

The bracelets mentioned above is the classic selection of our editor, every bracelet has its own specialty. From bangles to bracelets, all of them both represent joy and happiness. If you are still wondering for anniversary gift, don’t hesitate! Just pick one of Theodora’s couple bracelet, and use the bracelet to trap your loved one to accompany you for the whole life.