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【New Arrivals】I will Buy This Gray Wallet Without Hesitation, Which Costs Less than RM 250.

Alright, here come gray wallets that fans have expected for a long while!

After receiving customers’ heart-warming praises, THEODORA’S has rolled out bi-fold wallets in a new color. This gray is so captivating that any gray addict will take it home right away. Minimalist and neat, this gray wallet radiates a cozy serenity, grace, and peace in a cool color, perfectly mesmerizing whoever notices this wallet.

Classy and high-class, gray will never be kicked out of fashion trends, not over dazzling. On the contrary, harmony, peace, and charisma are condensed into this stylish gray. An amiable gray wallet is a key item that you must have this year. We promise this wallet elevates your grace once you own it.

Thanks to its slim but sufficient capacity, it holds seven cards. Even your driver’s license and ID card fit smoothly. You don’t need to worry about losing your cards. This wallet handles most things about money in daily life. Foreign bills fit its cash section effortlessly. Also, it saves space after being folded. 

Then, we see the opening of its coin pocket was widened, as its owner take out coins without sweating. You don’t need to worry about getting your hand stuck in this coin pocket.

Don’t forget there is an extra slot to store your card, tickets, or receipts. How thoughtful!

Crafted with the ratio of 10:9:5, owning ten compartments, fitting anyone’s hand, This wallet qualifies as the answer to your daily life. Thanks to the RFID-blocking function. You are free of RFID credit card fraud even when traveling.

Finally, let’s see the logo outside, which was golden-tooled. This logo was increase layers of fashion for the whole wallet, highlighting its impeccable fascination.

Now, if you make an order on THEODORA’S website, all your orders have free returns within 15 days. Moreover, we pack your orders in gift boxes before delivery. Your orders come with splendid carry bags. No matter who receive your gifts, these gifts will leave a bright impression in receivers’ mind. If you are interested in other wallets, we have already listed them below.

Leather Wallet / Bag